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Thunderbird Firearms


World Class Facilites with Unlimited Range Time

Our Members Are The Heart And Soul Of Our Facility

At Thunderbird Firearms Academy we believe that a membership should be more than just simply buying the “right” to a discount. Our Members enjoy shooting without range fees as often as they like. We offer “Members only” classes and seminars to keep you updated and educated, as well as special services and products. We have levels that are designed to accommodate individuals and families alike. We are proud to offer a World Class facility to Kansas for unbelievably affordable prices.

Core Membership

Monthly Fee



$330/yr (Get 1 Mo FREE)

Initiation Fee: $49.95
Term: 1 Year
Std Gun Rental: $10
Guest Passes: 4

The most essential Thunderbird membership. Discounted range ammo and much more!

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Family Membership

Monthly Fee



$605/yr (Get 1 Mo FREE)

Initiation Fee: $99.95
Term: 1 Year
Std Gun Rental: $10
Guest Passes: 6

For the family that shoots together. Covers up to 4 immediate family members.

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Ultimate Membership

Monthly Fee




Initiation Fee: $1500
Term: No Term
Std Gun Rental: $FREE!
Guest Passes: 6

A serious membership for serious shooters. Hone your skills and enjoy the best benefits of them all. Rates locked for LIFE!

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Hero Membership

Monthly Fee



$270/yr (Get 1 Mo FREE)

Initiation Fee: $29.95
Term: 1 Year
Std Gun Rental: $10
Guest Passes: 4

Keep your skills sharp. Available to Military, LE, First Responders, Corrections, and Veterans.

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Corporate Memberships

A great way to reward exceptional work, entertain clients, and provide team-building activities to your management and staff. Best of all, we can tailor a program to fit the wants and needs of your business.

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Membership Benefits & Discounts

Membership Benefits

  • Never pay range fees again
  • Entered to win a free gun every month
  • FREE machine gun shoot on your birthday
  • FREE set of eye protection
  • FREE use of hearing protection on each visit
  • FREE member’s t-shirt
  • Guest passes to give out or use when you bring friends and family
  • Dynamic Member Qualification- practice real-world shooting skills every time you visit the range**
  • $40 firearm transfer fee (transfer service only provided to members)
  • Access to members’ only sales and special events

Membership Discounts

  • Members enjoy 10% off the following
    • Training Classes*
    • Firearm Pro-Cleans
  • Private instruction fee of $50 per hour (normally $75/hour)
  • Standard rental firearm fee of $10 (normally $15)
  • Range ammo discount***


Ultimate Members Also Receive

  • 1 FREE training class each year*
  • Ability to bring a guest for free on every visit
  • Monthly or annual rates that are locked-in for the life of the membership
  • $10 firearm transfer fee

*Only applies to courses taught by Thunderbird Firearms Academy.  Outside/adjunct instructors’ courses do not qualify for the discount.

**DMQ requires a short class and shooting qualification once each year.  The cost of the class is $25.

***5% discount on all centerfire ammunition purchased from our range counter or for a Thunderbird Firearms Academy course (up to the maximum round count for the course).  Does not apply to ammunition purchased in the retail store or rimfire ammunition.